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With so many popular zombie themed TV shows and movies, zombies are going to be a popular Halloween costume choice this year. Zombies make for a great group costume – haven’t you seen The Walking Dead? They’re always on the move in large packs. Dressing solo this year? That’s fine too. There’s an opportunity for everyone to get gross and gruesome this year.

Zombie costumes might be the most fun to assemble. From the ripped clothing to the blood and gore, you’ll need to consider each element carefully. While there are quite a few standard zombie costumes on the market, we’ve also highlighted a few specialty zombie costumes such as zombie nurses, cheerleaders, brides, and even a zombie Prom Queen. There’s something for every age and gender on this list. Once you’ve chosen that perfect zombie costume, don’t forget to stock up on some zombie makeup and zombie teeth to make your look even scarier.

Here are 10 zombie Halloween costume ideas to get you started. Still on the hunt for that perfect zombie costume? You can continue browsing additional options and accessories here.

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