Riyadh | A Saudi Arabian woman was allowed to divorce her husband after showing a video to the judge of her husband cheating on her with a goat reports the Riyad Herald this morning.

The promiscuous husband indulged in sexually assaulting his goat on many occasions said the woman in court before showing footage taken from her cell phone.

For his bestial and adulterous behavior, I will allow this divorce to take place

– Judge Hakim Bin Akhmed

The man was also given a 5,000 Riyal fine (3000 US$) and ordered the goat to be executed for adultery.

Unhappy with his wife’s duties

The man’s lawyer claimed on his behalf that the woman clearly neglected her husband’s sexual appetite saying she found him “vile and disgusting”.

The lawyer also said that she justified this by saying he was “too old and fat” and “ejaculated too fast” with “little or no erection.”

The wife who is 56 years younger than her 68-year-old husband did not deny the allegations, but claimed her husband also tried to perform anal sex on her numerous times, which she refused to do.

Although the judge did reprimand the wife’s behavior, saying her duties were to satisfy her husband’s needs and that anal sex was permitted in the context of marriage, he explained that having sex with a goat because his wife did not “perform properly in bed” according to his desires was not the appropriate behavior according to Islamic law.