Que es tu problema, Micheal? Mike really doesn’t like when people aren’t speaking English around him.

I wish it was more OK to punch people in a wheelchair.

This guy just keeps going and going and going. His name is Mike. When you watch this video you will see Mike her blow his f*cking gasket!

It al starts when a guy is speaking to his mother in, wait for it…. HER LANGAUGE! Mike doesn’t like that, and I don’t like Mike!

This is one of those situations where I sit back and wonder how it lasts this long. This is a longer video for a racist blow up. I keep waiting for someone, ANYONE, to come in and help shut this dude up. The dude filming didn’t do anything wrong. Also, another thing that pissed me off, we are taught Spanish in school!

Karma will catch up to this dude. No doubt in my mind.

Check out the full video below. And really let me know when is it okay to hit a guy in a wheelchair. I think this would be justified.