The loser of the Batista vs. John Cena match: Vince McMahon’s quads

There are conflicting reports about just how the 2005 Royal Rumble was supposed to end. As it happened, Batista and John Cena battled to what appeared to be a draw, with both wrestlers going over the top rope, out of the ring, and onto the floor at exactly the same time. That’s an incredibly difficult move to execute, both for real and for scripted, so nobody but the wrestlers and writers involved know for sure if they were supposed to go out this way, or if they oopsie-bumbled their way to a legit draw.

The refs couldn’t decide on a winner — the one representing the Raw brand declared Raw wrestler Batista the winner, while the Smackdown! ref went with his guy, Cena. At that point, 60-year-old WWE chief Vince McMahon stormed down to the ring in either real or scripted anger (though the lack of theme music, and a look of rage decidedly different from his in-ring character, suggest he was legitimately raging), hops into the ring … but then his legs give out and he crumbles to the ground. McMahon apparently tore his quad muscles. Both of them.

That definitely wasn’t supposed to happen, an accident McMahon attributes to not stretching properly beforehand. Or just being really, really old and pushing himself too far, either or. By the way, the planned/scripted finish involved the match being restarted, going until a winner was definitively decided: Batista.

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