I bet you never thought it was possible to make a living off standing in line for strangers, did you?

Well, surprise! It definitely is… so you can quit your day job, now.

A genius in New York City is making a lucrative salary from line-sitting, which is essentially the act of sitting (or standing) in long lines for people who’d rather explore the city than wait.

Meet Robert Samuel, the founder of Same Ole Line Dudes.

guy standing in the middle of busy nyc street

“Same Ole Line Dudes” is a professional line-sitting company located in New York City that Robert Samuel created by accident when the iPhone 5s came out.

Samuel knew there’d be a craze for the new device, so he posted an ad on Craigslist and offered to wait in line for someone’s phone.

Little did he know, his Craiglist ad would be the start of a flourishing line-sitting career.

Samuel reminisced about the first day he waited in line for money during the iPhone 5s release, telling Elite Daily,

I ended up selling my spot, got around again and sold a couple more spots… and had $325.