Dan Howard is having a meltdown, and we pray for him.

The dad from Cape Elizabeth in Maine posted a diary-style video on Facebook cataloging the Christmas holidays with his daughter who’s home from college.

You see, it’s not just the kids who grin and bear this time of year. Some parents go through Hell and back and we should probably give them more credit, tbf.

His video has been viewed more than four million times, and there’s a reason for that. Watch it all:

Here’s exactly what Dan said, broken down by days:

Day One

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Day one was great.

It was a work night, and the plane was delayed, so it got in at one in the morning. And then she had the heaviest piece of luggage I’ve ever felt in my life — it must have been 150 lbs — and one of the wheels was broken, so I carried it across the whole airport.

But it’s the Christmas season, and we love to have her.