More than $140k has been raised on GoFundMe to buy Congress' Internet history after SJR34 was passed. But are these campaigns real or a hoax? And which will get to the prize first? (Getty)

It seems that the latest viral trend on the Internet is raising money to buy Congress’ Internet browser history — but is there any truth to these claims, or is it all a hoax? After the House approved SJR34 on Monday (following Senate approval last week), a small group of people have emerged claiming that they are going to buy Congress members’ individual Internet history in retaliation. One GoFundMe called SearchInternetHistory has already raised more than $140,000 toward the effort. Meanwhile, Max Temkin, a creator of Cards Against Humanity, has gone on record saying that he will personally buy Congress’ Internet history without any donations if it’s ever possible, but no one can promise that right now. However, he is encouraging donations to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the interim. So who’s right? And if it is possible, who will buy the Internet browser history of Congress first?

Here’s what you need to know.