Portugal is a country rich in history, and the Portuguese empire left its mark in many parts of the country. It is now a place of urban culture and restaurants, clubs and bars which are popular among many tourists, who come back every year.

Lisbon, a city that extends over the hills that overlook the Rio Tejo, offers you opportunities that you would expect from the main attractions of the country. There are Gothic cathedrals, monasteries and fantastic museums that are part of the landscape of the city and a real treat for those who like to engage in discovering history of the country.

Besides the rich #history here is rest of reasons to visit Lisboa :


While brilliant yellow trams run through the winding streets of the city, people walk around the old quarter of Lisbon, as they have for centuries. Meanwhile, in other parts of the city, visitors and locals enjoy the cafes from the era of the 1930s, or walk along the coast, where once was the celebrated return of Vasco Da Gama. Although the history of this country and the city is very old, their spirit is still young. Numerous restaurants in the Bairro Alto district, where you can enjoy an extraordinary selection of music from jazz, reggae and electronica to Fado that fills the air with fun that lasts until the early hours. Night clubs are located throughout the city and quite conveniently used the old spaces, whether they are on the river docks and villas from the 18th century.

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Head to the neighborhood of Belem, known for numerous embassies and wealthy residents. Be sure to visit Monument to the Discoveries, which offers a beautiful view of all that part of the city, the bridge on April 25, which is reminiscent of the Golden Gate and the river Tagus that flows into the Atlantic ocean. Across the Monument to the Discoveries is the monastery of St. Jerome which is one of the best examples of original Portuguese late Gothic style.

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If you are planning a night out, Lisbon is a city that can satisfy everyone’s taste. First of all, we should mention their traditional Fado, which you can listen to in some of the better restaurants with a romantic dinner.
Nightlife is popular in the neighborhood Bairro Alto, located on a hill above the city center so that you can reach it on foot. Bairro Alto is traversed by numerous small streets where you can find lots of bars and restaurants and a lot of young people who want entertainment from all over the world. Each cafe in Bairro Alto, has its own “flavor” so that you can have drink in a Spanish bar, traditional Portuguese cafe, rock pub, Irish pub and other cafes. In most of these cafes, music is live so you can hear everything from the Spanish percussion to the Irish flute.

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# Oceanarium
We recommend the subway trip to the other end of town, which actually looks like a real metropolis. It is Europe’s largest Oceanarium where you can see really huge and never seen fish and other marine animals, and even penguins. To come here, follow the red metro that must bring you to the station Oriente, where you exit. When you get to the Oceanarium, you can see the bridge Vasco da Gama, who is also one of the largest bridges in Europe.


#Statue of Christ

Do not forget to visit the giant statue of Christ on the other side of the banks of the River Tagus, across the bridge on April 25. Since the statue is located on a hill, the view of the entire Lisbon is truly priceless.