There are many places worldwide, from cities to countryside, from beaches to mountaintops and from man-made creations to places of natural beauty. They look stunning in the pure light of day or set against a beautiful sunset or the backdrop of darkness. What people don’t always realize is, how incredible they are in the fog. This article seeks to give you an idea of how magical and wonderful these places can look when surrounded by misty clouds. Fog brings a new perspective and a different ambiance to beautiful places, as you will see in the following pages.

Fog is a type of cloud, which can reduce visibility and is caused by tiny droplets of water being suspended in the air. There are many different types of fog including radiation fog, which is when the land is cooled overnight by air close to the surface, which causes condensation. There is also valley fog where cold air settles in the lower part of a valley. Fog can cause very difficult driving conditions, but for those of us willing it to look past the inconvenience fog can bring to our travels, and see the beauty fog can create, we will see the world in a different light.

This article looks at 20 well-known places around the world and how they appear under a blanket of fog.


Photo Credit: cuppyuppycake

Photo Credit: cuppyuppycake

The streets of London, surrounded in an eerie thick mist swirling around some of the iconic buildings peeking out above the dense blanket. It looks quite historical, giving the city and almost Victorian, mysterious atmosphere. The fog in London is quite famous for example in 1952 the capital was brought to a standstill with four days of dense fog which led to disruption of travel services and 4000 people died due to the weather.