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13 Soldiers Having Fun At Work

Some fun along with the work often improves the productivity. Here are some soldiers having fun and some military outfits enjoying themselves as they...

Designer Repackages Products To Appeal To Hipsters

It's hard to sell the same product to a wide group of people.  That's why these products created fun new packaging to appeal to...

20 Times When Spelling And Grammar Were Not Important

Life is hard, but spelling is harder. Well, at least it is for the people in these photos. We found the funniest photos on...

30 Hilarious Glamour Shots Of Real Ghetto Living

Some people aren't meant to take take glamour shots, and these ghetto folks really take the prize for the worst. These trashy ghetto people...

Meet The 18 Most Unlucky People In The History Of The Universe

For some of these people, it’s safe to say that curiosity killed the cat. However, when you look at the others, you’ll feel terrible...




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